A tale of two cities : Part 1 [Mombasa]

So, this weekend the 11th edition of the Worldwide Instameet happened. It is aimed at bringing photographers together as they bond and make memories. Several of my friends and I got to attend two Instameets in two cities in two days. It was one hell of an exhilarating experience. Getting to meet and interact with photographers from across diverse cultures was really an eye opener. I can’t wait to be back for the next Instameet image We docked safely! image Meet Jerono, Eyan and Emily who were among my travel companions image Old meets new with Jerono, her leso and Converse pairing was awesome image Some of the faces at WWIM11 Mombasa imageExploring the tiny caves was amazing though Nimu was freaking out about bats imageThe reflection on the crocodile pool was breathtaking imageJerono caught snapping imageOne place you wouldn’t want to trip and fall imageShooting the shooter imageBaby crocs up close and personal image

Snakes. Snakes. Snakes.image We got to see the crocodiles being fed. Seeing them break a chunk of bone like chocolate wasn’t so comforting though image

Shadow play in the cavesimage

After the instameet we got to sample crocodile soup and it was delicious!image

No trip to the coast is complete without a trip to the beachimage

The gang at WWIM11 Mombasa

The gang at WWIM!! Mombasa


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