My Freshman Experience

So it’s been two weeks in university ( We humurosly call it Juja Boys) so far,and I’ve met old friends,made new friends,had ups and downs and all but so far I’m liking my stay here.Actually for people saying JKUAT is so bad,my stay here has shown me most of the stories and stereotypes associated with this place are half or entirely false. One,apart from a pic of a bedbug I was shown awhile ago,none of my friends have complained of being bitten by vermin. Today someone next to my room reported he’d seen bedbugs and half an hour later,the housekeeper was there with a fumigation guy,and all typical bug busting gear wich shows the administration actually does its work. Two,yes there’s weed. Tons and tons of it. But it’s not excessive as people make it to seem. I’ve only seen 4 people smoking it in public,and only like 3 other times I get some people stoning outside my window. people here actually seem rather focused. I hear that cases of say girls getting pregnant while in school are rather very rare. Not to mention the sharp minds here. I’m a mobile app developer and I’ve already made really huge strides from connections I’ve made here. And the coursework is the manner that in one of my units we were emailed 65 page Chemistry practical manuals and 80 pages of notes on the first day. Think it’s time I pursued that lifelong dream of earning a living from playing video games.  I was admitted for a course i really didn’t want but in the first week we were already feeling the heat,never mind that proper lectures haven’t begun in full swing. Fourth,it’s actually not cheap these sides. The only cheap thing you’ll find is perhaps the food in the mess for 40 bob you get a decent meal (in quantity) but some of the stuff is really pathetic. From veggies that look and taste like boiled grass to rice so dry it feels like you’re eating a plate of needles,and chapatti that’s two sheets of paper thin (Thank God for the mabati cafe’s out there. If you’re overly insecure about your stomach’s ability to sustain street food,it’d better you bring your chef or just starve to death). Then comes the common misconception of this place is full of thirsty peeps. Actually,I’ve not yet seen any shortage of females. And most are actually good looking and the fairest of all,contrary to misconception,are in the more technical courses like Engineering and sciences. In fact in my Biotech class,there are more females than us. Oh and did I say there’s heavenly WiFi? And you’ll also come across some queer people. Queer in that some wake up at 2am and begin blasting annoying Mugithi (Kikuyu native music),some would have explosions in their rooms due to some electricity be-witchery gone wrong and my ever amusing room mate overly obsessed with religion and preaching and apocalypse. I think I should have some degree in Theology by now thanks to him.I’m not pulling a PR stunt or anything for JKUAT but in my opinion this place is actually good. I had the negativity when I reported but I’ve come to like it. and it’s also a photography haven. In pursuit of my new hobby I’ve spotted quite some photo worthy places. So to anyone out there having doubts,cmon and join this uni. It’s fun in here. If you also consider 7am to 5 pm lectures as fun


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