How to make the Orange ZTE MF192 3G+ HSPA modem work on Linux with Sakis3G script.

The Orange 3G+ modem works pretty well on Linux (I’m using Ubuntu 11.04 myself). After a lot of searching I found a quick way and easy way to connect my Orange modem to the net. Lets dive in:

1.The first step is to download Sakis 3G file from
2.Extract the file sakis3g to a directory of choice.
3.Change its’ permissions to read-write-execute (chmod 777).
4.Execute it as a sudoer:
sudo ./sakis3g –interactive “–console” “connect”

  •  The modem dials out through /dev/ttyACM2 or Interface 5.
  •  Enter “orange” as username and password when prompted. In the GUI, these fields are mandatory.

At some point it gets tiresome entering all the above details so you can skip the –interactive flag and write the command as a shell script and save it e.g.
The contents of the script will thus be
./sakis3g –console connect OTHER=”CUSTOM_TTY” CUSTOM_TTY=”/dev/ttyACM0″ APN=”CUSTOM_APN” CUSTOM_APN=”” APN_USER=”orange” APN_PASS=”orange”

5. Then, chmod +x to make it executable
6.It also helps to right-click on the Orange icon in the Ubuntu desktop and selecting “Eject”, before running the scripts.
7.Therefore to run it, all you have to do is type ./
I found found most of the instructions from the Nairobi GNU/Linux user group forum here so it’s only fair I give them credit.


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