Random musings

So, I’m just one fun music lover who’s good around with computers and occasionally picking up exotic habits (yes, yes I consider taking pictures of the sky with a mid range Samsung phone a very classy habit). Anyway , so I had a WordPress account finally (a great moment in history I tell you!) , a very good mobile data plan and afew posts already figured out. I was split between making an Electronic Music blog, but again it’s too tiresome to go plagiarise news from other sites . Then I said, why not make a tech blog, but no… I wouldn’t want to be tempted to share some things that may be considered cyber crime. Then I said…why not a photo blog. But, those are rare o  this side of the planet, if you don’t count the numerous fishy blogs flaunting well endowed derriere. But again, that’d be too dull…no one likes to see photos of skies and buildings all the time. So by virtue of being indirectly related to Einstein (he was a human with dna like me you know, so yeah we have some blood connection), I decided why not do a blog with posts of generally what I like? Anyway so if you’re reading this rant, welcome aboard and be ready for some of the finest Tech, Sky and Landscape shots etc etc that the Internet has to offer 🙂


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